Paving Contractors Peterborough for Driveways, Paths & Patios

Tudor are experienced and reliable block and paving contractors in Peterborough. We offer block paving to small or large areas to domestic and commercial clients.


Our experience involves laying 50mm block pavers to paths and driveways up to 80mm block pavers to roadways that can then take full loads of daily commercial traffic. We can also undertake patios, decking paths, drives and roadways into or out of your property.
All works are supported by the correct base depth of hardcore and this element often missing from less experience or less scrupulous contractors. Tudor can also assist you by sourcing just about any block or type paving stone that you require.
If you are looking for reliable, experienced paving contractors in Peterborough, take a look at the examples of our work and testimonials then make sure you contact us